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#MDpubquiz Interview Series: Megan Haste

Interview with Megan Haste

Megan Haste is a Mental Health Blogger and Speaker. She also creates self-care cards & posters that she sells in her “little shop of hope”. Megan e-hosted our last #MDpubquiz and gave a poignant speech about her experience and the work she does around mental health. Find out more about Megan and what she had to say about the #MDpubquiz below.

How did you find the pub quiz?

The pub quiz was fantastic; it was great to see so many people coming together with a common interest!

Megan Haste

Megan Haste

A highlight of the evening?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget watching grown adults bouncing around the courtyard on space hoppers. It was a playful way of referring to 'boucing back' after mental health problems. It was definitely a highlight of the evening for me (second only to finding out that The Mental Elves had won – go team!).

Megan Haste bouncing back

How do you think we can help to break stigma around mental health?

I think the best, indeed possibly the only way, to tackle stigma is simply by talking about mental health. It’s something I put every ounce of my energy into doing, and it’s always incredible when you get to see the results in some way.

"Digital platforms have been crucial in helping me overcome my own mental health issues."

Do you think digital could help with that? If yes, how?

Digital platforms play a vital part in tackling stigma, as it’s a medium that enables us to reach far more people than if we simply took to the streets, and I think we also get more engagement as a result.

Bouncing back

How do you think digital can help people with mental health issues?

I know from my own experience as a service user and a mental health blogger that digital platforms have been crucial in helping me overcome my own mental health issues, if only because the best way to help myself is by helping others, and using the internet I’m able to do that far more than I would if I only operated on a face-to-face basis.

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