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  • Growth in digital for EAP providers

EAP provider looking to enhance your service with a digital offer?

Since the digital revolution, online therapy has claimed a spot in the offerings of EAP providers worldwide. Online resources offer access to a wealth of knowledge on wellbeing. E-mail and digital messaging are now playing a large part in treatment.

We at Minddistrict, feel the time has come for a next step.

Our mobile app offers the latest techniques in behavioural change. Employees get access to self-help, receive nudges to carefully guide them to change and, if needed, can be guided by a mental health professional, using our large intervention catalogue.

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Minddistrict is suitable for EAP We offer modules aimed at stress reduction, mindfulness and much more.

Popular modules, used in the workplace

There's a number of modules that can support resilience in the workplace immediately.

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