The IAPT Community is a way for us to support those IAPT services who are leading the way.

  • Minddistrict IAPT community

Minddistrict IAPT community

Access events with our IAPT community

Choosing Minddistrict as your partner for digitally enabled health means much more than just getting access to the platform. You'll become a member of our innovative IAPT community, opening doors to a vast amount of knowlegde and content.

Perks of being part of this community

  • Events are an essential part of the MD IAPT Community experience. From online therapy skills workshops to implementation webinars where guest speakers like Professor Edward Watkins will share their learnings
  • Free access to the MD Pubquiz events
  • ‘Share Knowledge Events’ delivered by members of our Global Research Network. Take away evidence from RCTs, expertise and valuable tips.
  • Access to the IAPT Community Training platform where PWPs, High Intensity Therapists and Clinical Leads of the future #MDfuturetherapy can share experiences and train together in buddy-programs to become fully confident in the delivery of online therapy on step-2.