This is how it works

Minddistrict intends to build partnerships with value adding partners in all countries including NL, DACH and the UK. As a partner, you can benefit from Minddistrict’s experience, brand name, networks, knowledge, marketing and more. We want to increase the use of ehealth, because we believe in its benefits for patients and health providers. Through the partner network, this growth can take place. You are part of this partner network. You make online healthcare happen in your geographical area or area of expertise. And you build a business based on our platform along the way.

Type of partners


The reseller buys the Minddistrict platform and sells it to organisations. The profit for the reseller is the difference between the buying price and selling price.

Consultancy & implementation

The partner has a wealth of experience in consultancy and supports, for example, ehealth implementation projects in organisations, who pay consultancy hours.

Coaching & psychological guidance

The partner sells not only the Minddistrict platform to organisations, but also the direct provision of online coaching and guidance to clients.

Intervention development

The partner can develop interventions from their own expertise or with the help of specialists. Then the partner can sell these together with the Minddistrict platform.

A partner can have multiple roles.

Partner benefits


As a partner of Minddistrict, you have the most advanced ehealth platform in Europa at your disposal. There is no other ehealth provider that can deliver the same quality and expertise as we do.


You can lean on more than 15 years of research into internet-based interventions. Profit from the research performed by our Global Research Network or from the findings of large European research projects.


You will receive training from Minddistrict as part of the partner program. You can also draw on years of experience selling, marketing and implementing ehealth in healthcare organisations.

Annual Worldwide Partner Conference

Entrepreneurs are most of the times on their own, but as a Minddistrict partner, you are part of a worldwide partner network that joins once a year at a conference to exchange best practices.

What others say

Minddistrict - Partner Network - Context Consulting: Bjarne Bo Jorgensen

It is a great advantage partnering with an experienced party and benefit of what has already been achieved.

– Bjarne Jørgensen, consultant and innovator at Context Consulting


  • National Champion in European Business Awards 2015 – 2016
  • Bronze medal SME EU eHealth Competition 2015
  • Finalist Dutch-German Economy award 2015

Register your interest in partnering

Minddistrict - Partner Network - Marian van Helden
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