Minddistrict’s first Mental health pub quiz, a recap


Our very first UK Mental health event #MDpubquiz took place last month both offline in London, and online on Twitter, with the help of our fabulous e-hosts, @Mental_Elf and !

Megan Haste


Joe, our pub quiz master entertained the London crowd 🙂



It seems that everyone had a fun time!

Congratulations again to the winning team, the “Mental Elves” and our online winner Lucas Shelemy!


The main purpose of this event was to help raise awareness around mental health issues and break the stigma which is too often attached to it. 

Charlotte Reed, Megan Haste and Sam Barakat shared their experiences and explained what they are doing individually to open up conversations about mental health.


#MDpubquiz: Interview Series


Every Thursday in the following weeks we will publish interviews from some of our #MDpubquiz speakers, contributors, and attendees. Stay tuned next Thursday for Charlotte Reed, author of the book “May the thoughts be with you”.


Thanks again to everyone who contributed to making this event a success and all the attendees present in the room and online!

We are very much looking forward to our next Mental Health Pub Quiz around the summer time! For more info about attending, please email info@minddistrict.com

Follow @MinddistrictUK on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn and check out the hashtag #MDpubquiz for updates and future events.



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