Ehealth for health services

Health services nowadays face several major challenges. You have to provide high quality care to a growing group of people, whilst budgets are under pressure. In addition, patients have high expectations and demands. They want to get started quickly and expect good service.

To provide care that meets these demands, it is necessary to change the layout and organization of care. You could call this a transformation.

How do you make that transformation?

Ehealth for health services can help to make these changes. For a transformation in the way you provide health care, it’s necessary to fundamentally alter your care pathways. This can be achieved through the strategic use of ehealth in care, from prevention to aftercare.

Minddistrict supports health care in designing a digitally enabled patient journey.

What is a digitally enabled patient journey?

Patiënts follow a route, from the moment they need help up to recovery. With Minddistrict’s ehealth, you support them in every step on that route. Each patient receives online access to care, which empowers them in their recovery. For example, because a patient can work on his or her health any time of the day, or because patients have insight in their own progress. Or because he or she can share information or exercises with someone in their social support network.

The result is that patients become more active, feel responsible for their own success and are less prone to relapse. The digitally enabled patient journey empowers patients to master their own wellbeing.

What does that mean for my health service?

The digitally enabled patient journey means to health services that they can organise care pathways differently. The ways in which the pathways can be reorganised and what the pathways can look like depends on the objectives of the organisation.

In concrete terms, you can think of these examples:

  • Bridging waiting lists for patients, by offering them self-help in the meantime
  • Shorten the intake process, by using online questionnaires and a welcome module
  • Intensify face to face sessions, by alternating them with sessions in an online module and/or video sessions.

To facilitate the transformation of care pathways, we provide additional facilities and services.


The strategic implementation of ehealth for health services bring the following benefits:

  1. Help more patients in less time
  2. Enhanced service and patient satisfaction
  3. Empowered patients

About Minddistrict

Minddistrict provides a safe, flexible and user friendly ehealthplatform with a wide range of communication tools and a high quality catalogue of online interventions. Through the Social Support Network, parts of the (online) treatment can be shared with relatives and friends and patients can have contact with fellow patients. Our professional services enable health services to successfully and professionally implement ehealth. Read more about Minddistrict

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