Minddistrict does not deliver direct care to patients in any way. Therefore, Minddistrict does not have access to the dossier of patients. Minddistrict offers an online therapy room so that professionals have the opportunity to deliver online care to patients anywhere and anytime.

Yes, Minddistrict is the e-health market leader in the Netherlands. Organisations and practices from all disciplines have been working with the online therapy room for some time already. Primary care and precare, high intensity and specialist mental health care, Children & Young People, Addiction Care, hospitals and rehabilitation centres are already offering ehealth to their clients through the online therapy room.

Ordering online

In order to use the Minddistrict online therapy room, you first of all need sufficient internet access. Secondly, you need a device. The online therapy room works on all devices (laptops, macbooks, Ipads, tablets, mobile smartphones etc.). The device should contain an operating system including a common browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox). The online therapy room is supported by every last and second to last browser versions.

Yes. You can offer your colleagues their own professional account for the online therapy room. There is a maximum of 5 professional’s accounts. This way, each professional is able to offer online tools to their own clients. Each professional can only view the clients in his/her caseload, and thus cannot see his/her colleague’s clients. You do have the possibility to link a colleague to a client in your caseload (for instance if you want to provide the client with a contact person when you are on holiday). If you have a practice with more than 5 professionals, you can contact Minddistrict to discuss the possibilities.

If you have any questions regarding the online therapy room, you can contact the Minddistrict service desk. This may include questions about logging in or the functionalities in the platform. The service desk is available by phone and e-mail on working days between 9:00 and 17:00.

All amounts are in pounds and are to be paid per Bank giro. Alternative forms of payment, e.g. cash or bitcoins are not possible.

After you have ordered your online therapy room it will be ready for you within a few days. You will receive notification of this from the Minddistrict Service Desk. You can start using your online therapy room from then. You can create online accounts for clients and prepare modules, diaries and questionnaires for them or simply send them a message. Minddistrict will also provide you with a training account that you can use to view the online therapy room before you start with clients.

If you have proceeded through the steps for ordering the online therapy room from the Minddistrict website, you will be able to start using your own online therapy room within three working days. You will be informed via e-mail when the online therapy room is live.

Of course, we hope this will not be necessary. But if you would like to cancel your online therapy room licence anyway, you can use our cancellation form. You can fill in this form by clicking the following link: Cancellation form.

About the product

Yes, Minddistrict’s vision is that the online therapy room should fit seamlessly into the client’s life and their existing care pathway. We think that the relationship between the practitioner and the client is essential for treatment. So, this relationship continues in the online therapy room, through the provision of online tools that fit the needs of the client. It also means that the client can access his or her treatment anywhere.

Yes, the modules have been devised with flexibility in mind. Which means that as the practitioner, you are able to tailor the modules to the client. This could be the removal of sessions from the module, combining various sessions and offering sessions from the module with or without support. The modules can also be combined, flexibly and as desired, with other tools such as messages, diaries, questionnaires etc.

The expert modules from Minddistrict have been developed using evidence-based guidelines, such as cognitive behaviour therapy or solution-focused therapy. Practitioners and clients contributed during the development process. We always try to involve key stakeholders so that our platform can be successfully and effectively used by patients and practitioners.

Minddistrict also revises its modules for required content or layout adjustment which helps us keep our modules up to date.

The Minddistrict online therapy room is compatible with all devices, such as a PC laptop, macbook, tablet, iPad etc. Moreover, the online therapy room can be used with all browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. There is no need to install any software and the practitioners and clients can log in to the online therapy room directly. If you wish to use the ‘Video call’ functionality, there is a one-time installation of a video calling program.

The Minddistrict mobile app works on Android and iOS smartphones and can be downloaded by clients from the Appstore or Play Store.

Yes, Minddistrict maintains the security guidelines of the ISO 27000 and NEN 7510. All personal information obtained is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

We utilise a variety of methods to continuously guarantee security. This includes encryption, different production environments and development platforms, authorisation, password guidelines, separate client databases, firewalls and logging. Furthermore, Minddistrict’s hosting partner is Intermax, one of the few ISO 27000 certified datacenters. Minddistrict is also audited every six months by an independent security company.

It is mandatory for Minddistrict to adhere to the laws and regulations. Minddistrict stores the information and data of the client for 15 years, in accordance with legal requirements. If a client wishes to have his/her information destroyed, the practitioner can inform Minddistrict of this request.