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Choose the name of your online therapy room

Your online therapy room needs a name. This name will be the link which all users click to log on to the online therapy room.

Please fill in your preferred web address, preferably the name of your own practice.

For example: therapist-johnson.minddistrict.com

Use at least three characters, but not too many, so it is easy for your patients to type.

The web address should not include capital letters, spaces, commas, full stops, or special characters like # $% ^.
It may include lower-case letters “a-z”, digits “0-9” and a hyphen “-“.

We will check if the name you have chosen is available. If it is available, then this will become the name of your online therapy room. If it is not available, don't worry, we will get in contact with you so that we can think of a good alternative together.