• how to use ehealth in your treatment

    White paper 'How to use eHealth in your treatments'

    At Minddistrict, our vision is based on promoting sustainable behavioural change through the smart use of technology and we believe that smart technology can provide us with several possibilities of improving the quality of care. read more

  • Whitepaper: The validity of ehealth

    As a supplier of ehealth, we are often asked about the validity of ehealth, and the Minddistrict treatment platform specifically. The validity of an online intervention relates to the quality of the intervention in relation to the treatment of mental disorders. Effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and efficiency play an important role here. read more

  • eBook “Implementing ehealth”

    Innovation in healthcare is the talk of the day. There is a need to change, to be able to keep providing high-quality and affordable healthcare in the years to come. Ehealth is going to be part of this change. To make the most of innovation and ehealth, implementation is key. read more

  • Whitepaper ‘Smart interventions’

    Minddistrict has recently launched the native app. This app not only includes a mobile diary, but also provides us with new opportunities to provide a better therapy service to clients. With this new application, Minddistrict has created a prelude to smart interventions for mental health care. read more