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Minddistrict empowers people to master their own wellbeing

Anyone can be faced with physical, emotional and psychological problems. Through changing the way they think and act, people can regain control of their lives. Minddistrict makes it possible to make this sustainable change in thought and action. Through the clever use of technology, we deliver personalised care designed to seamlessly connect to the daily lives of people.

Minddistrict is an ehealth platform

Minddistrict is a secure, flexible and user-friendly ehealth platform with an extensive catalogue of online modules, diaries and questionnaires. Healthcare organisations use the platform and catalogue to provide digitally enabled therapy to their clients.

Years of experience

Minddistrict was founded in 2008 by CEO Mark Willems. Now we are the market leader in ehealth in the Netherlands, have an office in Germany, and are active across Europe. We also work together with numerous universities in our Global Research Network. More than 200,000 users in more than 8 countries use Minddistrict to achieve lasting change.

Minddistrict has years of experience with the development and implementation of ehealth. Our users include workplace wellbeing providers, mental health services, GP federations, charities and community services.

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Working at Minddistrict

With some regularity we are looking for new, motivated colleagues to help us support people on their route to recovery by means of technology. Are you interested in working at Minddistrict?

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The foundation of Minddistrict, the first company to offer white label ehealth.

An acknowledgement from the ministry of health, rewarding our efforts for spreading ehealth.

First research project in Germany.

The launch of our ehealth platform in the United Kingdom.

Third place in European eHealth Solution Competition, sponsored by the European Commission.

Participation in iCare, an international project aimed at integrating technology in mental healthcare.

Launch of Personal Routes and the Social Support Network.

The launch of our ehealth platform in the clinical setting in Germany.

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