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More qualitative treatment time with ehealth functionalities

Ehealth is still often seen as an alternative to face-to-face contact between care providers and their clients. But, the functionalities of our platform show that it actually creates the possibility to improve contact.

All functionalities

  • Dashboard


    The dashboard provides you with an overview per patient. The dashboard also allows you to see the progress in the modules, view diary graphs, check when the patient was last online and view your conversations.

  • Diaries


    Diaries are an effective tool to gain an insight into patterns and progress. A wide variety of diaries is available, so there is always a suitable one. Notifications remind patients to complete their diaries via the app.

    More on diaries

  • Group messaging

    Group messaging

    Send messages safely to one or multiple patients or colleagues, both on the ehealth platform and in the app. Having group discussions in Minddistrict is also possible.

    More on messaging

  • Modules


    Modules are developed in collaboration with experts and patients. They contain explanations, videos and illustrations, exercises and examples. Create a personal route for your client or select from our self help offering.

    More on our modules

  • Plans


    Minddistrict enables patients to make plans: an exercise plan, a motivational plan and a relapse prevention plan. The plans provide support at difficult times during various phases of the personal route.

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  • Questionnaires


    Use questionnaires with your patients by simply adding them to their personal route. Results can be viewed instantly.

  • Social Support Network

    Social Support Network

    A patient can involve his or her social network during treatment or counselling. Patients can map out the network, share elements from the personal route or have a (group) discussion.

    More on the social support network

  • Video sessions

    Video sessions

    Video sessions are remote conversations which give you the complete 'face to face' experience. Video sessions are fully integrated into Minddistrict. Start a conversation or make a video appointment in one click.

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