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Learn about ehealth for health services

Every client follows his or her own road to recovery. At the same time, your service wants to offer high-quality care to a growing number of people. Minddistrict helps health services to design integrated care pathways - combining online and offline. Strategic, with the future in mind.


The strategic use of ehealth at your health service can yield the following benefits:

  • Ehealth gives clients control over their own care pathway as well as their wellbeing
  • Helping out more clients in less time
  • A better service and customer satisfaction

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Don’t be afraid to transform healthcare

In order to be able to continue to offer good and accessible care, a transformation of healthcare and care processes is needed. Ehealth can act as the foundations for that change.

Do you dare to transform healthcare?

What does ehealth mean for the care provided by your service?

Ehealth enables you to offer high-quality care, geared to the wishes and needs of today’s clients. Our product offers the opportunity to create a personal route to recovery and to include the client’s social network in the care process. Everything has been developed with mobile first in mind: this means your client will always have the modules at the ready, right there on his or her mobile. You're offering integrated care.

Professional services

So how do you implement ehealth at your organisation? It doesn’t happen overnight, implementation requires a thorough approach. Minddistrict has years of experience with starting up and scaling up ehealth in health services. This means we can support you implementing ehealth, for example with API's, data security and implementation process management.

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If you're considering an online therapy provider as part of your treatment offering for patients, but aren't sure where to begin, we can help your organisation get started. Contact us with any questions or for a platform demonstration.

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