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Ehealth platform with personal routes to change

Minddistrict is a product that supports an individual’s personal route to recovery by means of technology, from prevention to aftercare.

This ensures the care provided ties in with an individual’s personal needs, whether you experience mental health issues, want to change your lifestyle or want to learn how to deal with a (chronic) disease. Our ehealth platform and app help you find the way to positive change. Find out more about how online solutions can help behavioural change. Ehealth platform

The Minddistrict platform:

  1. Modules and diaries for every client
  2. Effective and accessible
  3. Easy to compose routes yourself
  4. Easy to use on mobile phone

Compose your own pathway with ehealth

Select those clinical components from Minddistrict that help to make
positive progress. You can choose from our transdiagnostic catalogue
and the many functionalities that the platform offers. Compose your own pathway

A personal route for everyone

Read more about personal routes

Based on needs

The modules and diaries of Minddistrict are based on relevant literature and the knowledge of care providers, but especially on the needs of clients. Clients, expert patients and healthcare professionals are involved in the development process.

Modules, diaries and other components of the Minddistrict catalogue are transdiagnostic. This means they are not necessarily aimed at a diagnosis but can also be used to focus on the specific complaints and circumstances of the client.

Ehealth: for the moments that matter

Why would anyone use technology on their way to positive change? Ehealth is always readily available, even if a healthcare professional is not. Working on recovery is something that doesn’t just take place in face to face sessions, but in people’s daily lives. In those moments that matter, people have access to the mobile app and ehealth platform which provides the support they need at that time and place.

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