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Insight and overview with a diary

A simple act that can mean a lot - this is how you could describe filling out a diary. Contrary to what the word 'diary' might suggest, most diaries available with Minddistrict are short and include visual components. Typically, clients can choose an emotion from a set of illustrations, or rate how their day is going. If they want to add more information, or upload a relevant picture, they can. The result is an overview that can give more context to a conversation between therapist and client.

Illustration of an online diary

Low intensity, highly functional

Do you treat clients who find it difficult to go through an online module at home, perhaps because they don't have the energy? Or maybe you encounter clients who could use some motivation? For them, and for many others, diaries can be a great tool.

Mobile notifications remind people to fill in their diary, and entries automatically appear in a clear chart. This gives people a grip on their own situation, patterns or progress. And you know how your client is doing when you are not around.

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