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What can ehealth do for healthcare professionals?

Most healthcare professionals have gone into the profession because they want to help other people as well as possible. You too probably want to offer your clients the best health care and guide them to recovery. Why would you use ehealth? Because ehealth can help you do just that.

Wide catalogue of people-oriented modules

When we develop our modules, the client is paramount. The interventions are relatively short, quick to process and optimised for mobile use. This makes it possible to create a personal route for each client and makes our catalogue is widely applicable.

Think for example of our stress interventions: modules, self-help modules and diaries. They can help students whose stress disturbs them from studying. They can be used in mental health services, to tackle stress-related complaints. They can be used in the treatment of any type of complaint that is worsened by stress. Or they can be used by employees, to help them reduce stress and prevent more serious complaints.

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How ehealth can enrich your treatment

We are convinced that our platform can support your work on many fronts. A few examples:

More insights

More insights through ehealth Clients can enter experiences in diaries. Not only do the resulting graphs offer you insights into patterns and progress of the client. It also gives you food for talk when seeing a client whose last visit was a while ago.

Safe communication

Safer communication through ehealth When contacting clients, it’s no longer necessary to use insecure (and often personal) means of communication such as e-mail, WhatsApp or other social media. The messaging function in our app is safe and easy to use.

Quality content

High quality ehealth modules Our modules are created by our expert intervention developers, so you can offer them to your clients with confidence. Clients can fulfill them at the time that suits them best and the outcomes are directly accessible in our platform.

Wider scope

A better understanding thanks to social support Our social support network creates the possibility of interacting with the social network of your client. Through group messaging your client and you can keep friends and family informed. It can also offer you valuable insights into your client’s personal situation.

Save time on routines, focus on clients

Interviews with our customers have shown that clinical time can grow with 30% thanks to ehealth.

How? First of all, there’s hardly any more need for paperwork, thanks to online questionnaires, diaries and intakes. Additionally, we have a large number of modules containing psycho-education. This means you can focus on actual treatment and let Minddistrict take care of educating your clients.

Lastly, a welcome module can really ease the process of getting started with a new client. Introducing the organisation, explaining your way of working and detailing the steps the client can expect. The effect is that you can use your time better.

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