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Logo assets in a few shapes and sizes

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The Minddistrict logo

Hello there! We take it you're looking for the Minddistrict logo? Find it below in a couple of shapes and sizes. If you need our logo for printing purposes (larger and in CMYK, maybe in PDF or EPS), please send us a message!

Our logo in colour

We have one example with a transparent background: Minddistrict logo in colour, with a transparent background

And one on a white surface (useful when using it on busy backgrounds): Minddistrict logo in colour on a white surface

Our logo in white

If you want to place our logo on a dark, even background. Use this white png. You can't see it, as it's white, on our white background. But it's really there! Transparent white logo

Our icon

You might want to use just our visual mark, without the lettering.

Find one below that has as transparent background:
Minddistrict visual mark, transparent background

And one on a white surface:
Minddistrict visual mark, white background

And that's it!

Remember, let us know if you need something bigger or in a different format. Fun fact: did you know that our logotype represents the corner of 4 blocks in Barcelona? On a bench on one of those corners, our CEO Mark came up with Minddistrict!