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Wellbeing at work: enable everyone to be at their best

Ehealth for the workplace

How well employees feel at work has a large effect on the success of a company. You can support staff wellbeing with an online solution - our self-help platform and support app can help foster a healthy and happy workforce.

Workplace wellbeing: Taking care of your capital

It's no secret that employees are a business's capital. Research shows that that there is a lot to gain for organisations when the workforce scores high on work happiness:

  • Productivity rises 43%
  • Profits rise 33%
  • Innovative power rises 300%

Developing a company approach which values health and wellbeing as important assets in your organisation is a sensible step to take. Researchers at Soma Analytics, a health tech company, analysed the 2017-18 annual reports of all companies on the FTSE 100 index and found that those mentioning “wellbeing” and “mental health” the most frequently, had the highest pre-tax profits. So, it's clear that having employee wellbeing initiatives is beneficial for a lot of reasons.

Preventing problems

Work stress is real. Research conducted by the charity Mind found that when asked how workplace stress had affected them, 1 in 5 employees agreed that they had called in sick to avoid work because of it. Additionally, almost half (42 per cent) had considered resigning over workplace stress.

That's not all: work related stress can lead to or aggravate physical and psychological issues. Taking care of your mental and physical health, on the other hand, can help preventing these problems from developing. Employers can play a valuable part in this process by supporting their staff health and wellbeing.

Behavioural change: the key to success

So how do you actually improve health and wellbeing? The key here is behavioural change. A large part of our wellbeing is influenced by the way we think and act. That’s why we at Minddistrict have developed a coaching platform, accessible through the app, with self-help modules, diaries, plans and a social support structure. This solution can work well to complement your company's exisiting workplace wellbeing initiatives.

People set their own goals, make plans to get there and are, by way of nudging and celebrating small successes, motivated to persist. How do we know all this? Our team has specialised in behavioural change and its digital possibilities for over a decade. You can read all about it here.

Want to know more?

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