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Minddistrict and the products we make have 1 goal: people who are making a behavioural change on their route to recovery. Those routes can be very different, and so are the organisations that guide people along the way. Whether it's about prevention or aftercare, whether there's a clinical setting or not at all, the route or parts of the route can be supported digitally with Minddistrict.

For several types of organisations we have explained how and what the products and knowledge of Minddistrict contribute specifically. Is your organisation not listed? Read more at the bottom of this page.

Can't find your organisation in the list?

Then we might not be active yet in your workfield. But we're active in several sectors in several countries, so we might have experience anyway. And if not, we're happy to discover this new world of possibilities together with you.
Please contact us for all information; we'd love to discuss the options with you.

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