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Working at Minddistrict

We would like to introduce the Minddistricter

This page aims to describe working at Minddistrict, showing the Minddistricter in practice. Here, you’ll read about our thoughts on being a team, the foundations of our product and how those elements come to life.

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Finding the Minddistrict fit

We have given much thought to our view on work and working together, ultimately trying to capture this in 3 fundamentals: be curious with a cause, build a community through clarity and make it worthwhile.

Read on to find out how they come to life.

Be curious with a cause

Curiosity leads to motion. Minddistricters encourage each other to give things a go, not shying away from an experiment. This means that we develop based on actual experience, instead of assumption. We’re curious with a cause!

This curiosity spawns from genuine interest: in customers, the needs of end users and our colleagues. The result is shown here: a group of Minddistricters on the rugged isle of Texel, enjoying the time they spend together.

Make it worthwhile – genuine impact

The world of digital solutions can, at times, feel crowded with hollow phrases preaching ‘innovation’ and ‘progress’. A Minddistricter aims to realise positive change for the end user. That means actual effect. On a larger scale, but also on those many smaller moments. We want to make it worthwhile, making sure we get more out of our job than just a paycheck at the end of the month.

'There’s a risk in considering yourself innovative: how do you stay focused? How do you keep making an impact? How do you prevent complacency?'

Community through clarity – like the best sport teams

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean doing push-ups when you’re late. We mean the best competitive teams excel at clear communication, free of assumptions and based on mutual trust. A Minddistricter is part of a community and not just within the company. We believe in healthcare without hidden agendas, which means we communicate honestly and openly with our partners – community through clarity!

"At Minddistrict, we can be critical to each other's work, but we're also helpful and constructive to each other, to make sure our work and output is of the best quality."

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Some Minddistrict snapshots

We love post-its, we love to brainstorm, we love to create, we also love our lunches and the following lunch walks, we love drinks on Fridays.

On sustainable change

Minddistricters create a high-grade product for many target groups. From mental health clinics, to medical practitioners, to employers and services for workplace wellbeing. The one thing that binds their needs and lies at the heart of our product is realising sustainable behavioural change.

Whether your clients are coping with physical limitations, getting over a depression or need to get a grip on the stress they’re experiencing, the solution lies in changing the way they think and act.

We develop our product based on input from clients, professionals and literature. With behavioural change techniques and our foundations for change, we make sure that every element within the platform is aimed at sustainable change in a safe environment.

Read more on behavioural change here.