Working at Minddistrict

We would like to introduce the Minddistricter

This page aims to describe working at Minddistrict, showing the Minddistricter in practice. Here, you’ll read about our core values, we’ll tell you about the foundations of our product and how those elements come to life.

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Finding the Minddistrict fit

Over the years, we have given much thought to our outlook on life, wellbeing and work, ultimately trying to capture them in 5 core values that bind us together: challenging, high-grade, universal, open and self-steering.

Read on to find out how they come to life.

Open environment for a universal product

Typical Minddistricters like to share - ideas, experiences, opinions. Not just with their team, but with all who might be interested. We want to be open and approachable. This mindset leads to the development of an inclusive, universal product, not limited by stigma or protocol.

It also leads to a group of people who enjoy spending time together, as you can see on this picture taken on the rugged isle of Texel.

Driven by empowerment

'Self-steering' is a bit of a buzz word at Minddistrict. It’s rooted firmly in our DNA, because we believe that empowerment is what makes people grow. That goes for us as employees, for the organisations that use Minddistrict and for the clients these organisations are supporting.

'Everyone wants to go out and create a high quality product. Cooperation with customers, clients and each other ensures a high-grade end result.'

Challenging leads to higher quality

What sets us apart most in the market is the fact that we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. We have a distinct view of what direction, not only the product, but also the market should move in.

A Minddistricter will at times have to challenge (and inspire) customers, colleagues and other stakeholders in order to guarantee a high-grade product.

"At Minddistrict, we can be critical to each other's work, but we're also helpful and constructive to each other, to make sure our work and output is of the best quality."

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Some Minddistrict snapshots

We love post-its, we love to brainstorm, we love to create, we also love our lunches and the following lunch walks, we love drinks on Fridays.

On sustainable change

Minddistricters create a high-grade product for many target groups. From mental health clinics, to medical practitioners, to employers and services for workplace wellbeing. The one thing that binds their needs and lies at the heart of our product is realising sustainable behavioural change.

Whether your clients are coping with physical limitations, getting over a depression or need to get a grip on the stress they’re experiencing, the solution lies in changing the way they think and act.

We develop our product based on input from clients, professionals and literature. With behavioural change techniques and our foundations for change, we make sure that every element within the platform is aimed at sustainable change in a safe environment.

Read more on behavioural change here.