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Cookies (not biscuits)

The story of cookies

Why we use which cookies, and why we don't use others

Like many other websites, we make use of cookies. But just as a digestive biscuit is not the same as a macaron, website cookies differ from one another quite a bit too. On this page, we explain which cookies we use and why. And we tell what we don't use and why not.

At Minddistrict, we think about privacy and data security a lot. We want everyone to be able to use our app and platform with confidence and peace of mind. Therefore, we develop our product in a way that makes it as safe as possible to use, and that safeguards people's privacy as much as we can.

Because this way of thinking is part of us, we don't stop at the product: this is also the way we look at our website. And to cookies. We want you to be able to use our website with confidence and peace of mind. That's why we're giving you this explanation about our use of cookies.

Functional cookies

Some cookies are necessary to let a website function. These cookies are called functional cookies. Grav, the content management system we use for our website, places a functional cookie for the contact forms.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are optional. We'd like to know how many users visit our website. Whether website visitors can find the way to our support pages. Which modules people search for. And which of our blogs and articles are read the most.

That's why we gather data for user statistics. These help us on the one hand to better design and set up our website. On the other hand, they help us make an estimation on popular subjects and what we should write about.

We use Google Analytics for these user statistics. We don't want to gather more data than we need. That's why we've setup Google Analytics with the most privacy friendly settings possible. Because why would we need to know your age or gender? We wouldn't, so we don't have that information. We cannot trace any user statistic back to the individual.

If you don't want us to collect your analytical data, you can choose not to accept these cookies.

Marketing cookies / third-party cookies

We don't use so-called marketing cookies or third-party cookies. These sort of cookies allow businesses to create customers profiles, for example. Or they can be used for retargeting: this means that you are shown advertisements on other sites and platforms for companies whose websites you have previously visited. Third parties can gain insight into which websites individual users visit.

We believe it's not necessary to track you as a website visitor in this way. It doesn't fit Minddistrict. That's why we don't place these kind of cookies on our website.

About Google Analytics

We are currently investigating whether we can use another system than Google Analytics. There are analytics providers in the market that are more strict on privacy than Google Analytics is. We suspect such a system would suit Minddistrict better; that's why we're looking into it, but no decision has been made yet. When something changes, we'll let you know on this page.

The details:

This is an overview of the exact cookies in a table:

Cookie name Duration Purpose
_ga 2 years To distinguish users, store and count page views
_ga_ "container-id" 2 years To distinguish users
_gid 24 hours Used to persist session state
grav-site-36e7f58 Session cookie (expires when browser is closed) Used to keep users logged in

This page was last changed on 10 November 2022