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Caring for your employees in a fast-paced world.

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life. With the world of work increasingly changing, employees have to be more flexible and adaptive than ever. Additonally, the pace of work has rapidly increased. How are organisations caring for their employees in this fast-paced world?

More and more businesses are becoming aware that employees’ mental wellbeing is paramount to a company’s success. Indeed, people are the core of any businesses. Raising awareness and engaging in mental health pledges is a great first step. But how else can businesses make sure employees are cared for according to their specific needs?

Mental-health related employee turnover currently costs UK businesses £7.9bn. Improving employee wellbeing can not only reduce turnover, but also have a positive impact on productivity and absenteeism, saving businesses significant costs.

At Minddistrict, we believe that every employee should have immediate access to support when they need it. Our solution is a mobile first platform filled with smart digital tools. Employees can work on their wellbeing in their own time and space, and at their own pace.

The journey to wellbeing shouldn’t start at crisis point. With our digital solution, your employees can benefit from a 360° care package, from prevention to treatment all the way to aftercare.

If you’re interested in a digital solution for your business please get in touch. Marlies Peters, UK Business Manager & Psychologist, is happy to discuss your specific needs.
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Relevant functionalities
  • Modules


    Modules are developed in collaboration with experts and patients. They contain explanations, videos and illustrations, exercises and examples. The modules are subdivided into smaller sessions and can be personalised.

  • Plans


    Minddistrict enables patients to make plans: an exercise plan, a motivational plan and a relapse prevention plan. The plans provide support at difficult times during various phases of the personal route.

  • Training


    Patients with access to Minddistrict can select their own training programmes. These are modules with low-threshold self-help and prevention. A care provider can also prepare a training programme for a patient.

  • Video sessions

    Video sessions

    Video sessions are remote conversations which give you the complete 'face to face' experience. Video sessions are fully integrated into Minddistrict. Start a conversation or make a video appointment in one click.

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