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Workplace wellbeing in this fast paced world

Employee Assistance Programs

At Minddistrict, we believe that every employee should have immediate access to support when they need it. Our solution is a mobile first platform filled with smart digital tools. Employees can work on their wellbeing in their own time and space, and at their own pace.

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The world of work is rapidly changing

Employees have to be more flexible and adaptive than ever. Additionally, the pace of work has rapidly increased. How are organisations caring for their employees' health and wellbeing in this fast-paced world?

More and more businesses are becoming aware that employees’ mental wellbeing is paramount to a company’s success. People are the core of any businesses. Raising awareness and engaging in mental health pledges is a great first step. But how else can businesses make sure employees are cared for according to their specific needs?

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From reduced costs to improved productivity

The use of an EAP can have many benefits for the employer. Mental-health related employee turnover currently costs UK businesses £7.9bn. Improving employee wellbeing can not only reduce turnover, but also have a positive impact on productivity and absenteeism, saving businesses significant costs. Find out more about managing stress for a healthier workplace.

360° wellbeing

The journey to wellbeing shouldn’t start at crisis point. With our digital EAP solution, businesses using your EAP can see their employees can benefit from a 360° care package, from prevention to treatment all the way to aftercare.

Need help with a business case?

If you're set on adding ehealth to your existing services, but need to convince your organisation, we can help you draw up a solid business case.
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