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Reach more clients through online employee assistance

Online therapy for businesses via your EAP service

At Minddistrict, we believe that every employee should have immediate access to support when they need it. Our solution is a mobile first platform filled with smart digital tools. Employees can work on their wellbeing in their own time and space, and at their own pace.

Curious about how businesses could use our digital solution through your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)? We’d love to show you the platform in action!

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Making employee assistance a priority

Employees have to be more flexible and adaptive than ever. Additionally, the pace of work has rapidly increased. How are organisations caring for their employees' health and wellbeing in this fast-paced world?

Improving uptake of EAP services

As an EAP provider, you’ll be aware that people are the core of any business, and that more and more employers are becoming aware that employee wellbeing is paramount to their company’s success. But, you’ll probably also be aware that actual EAP usage is often very low. This can be down to many factors – some employers may not be adequately promoting their EAP offering within their organisation, or some employees in need of help may not feel comfortable using the service, or may be worried about the information they share being accessible by their employer.

Image of a man in a business meeting who receives help through employee assistance

By enhancing the service you provide to businesses with the addition of an online solution – you open up care to more people. In a digital world, with most of us living significant parts of our lives online, Minddistrict empowers employees to work on their wellbeing in their own time, easily and securely, all from their mobile phone or laptop.

360° employee wellbeing with online assistance

The journey to wellbeing shouldn’t start at crisis point. With our digital solution for your Employee Assistance Programme services, businesses using your EAP can see their employees can benefit from a 360° care package, from prevention to treatment, all the way to aftercare.

Ehealth tools like Minddistrict allow you to reach more clients in an efficient way, meaning that more businesses can benefit from helping their employees using your assistance programme. Ensure that your services are something that employers can’t live without!

Need help with a business case?

If you're set on using ehealth in your employee assistance services, but need to convince your organisation, we can help you draw up a solid business case.
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If you’re interested in adding our digital solution to your existing employee assistance services, please get in touch.

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