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Offer digital support for a change of lifestyle, coping with an illness and recovery.

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Minddistrict offers digital applications for treatment, coaching and research at hospital units.

Hospital care covers many disciplines, often focusing on a single part of the human body. A lot of people suffer from multiple complaints - physical or mental - that influence each other. Mental support often lacks substance, whereas it can contribute positively to our health. For example: some people need a change of lifestyle before a treatment can be given; other benefit from these changes to ensure the effects of treatment sustain. Another example is learning to deal with a (chronic) somatic disorder.

Why ehealth?

Minddistrict’s ehealth makes it possible to offer patients this support on their road to recovery and to improve the quality of care at the same time. The ehealth platform provides practical assistance, tailored to the complaints, wishes and situation of your patient. For example, through assisted self-help, consisting of videos, exercises and examples; or by means of a conference call. It facilitates more frequent and shorter contact and it reduces the travel time for patients. Thanks to this personal approach, ehealth helps people to change their lifestyle, to accept the situation and to familiarise themselves with the upcoming procedure.

APIs make it possible to exchange data with other systems and smart measuring tools. Minddistrict also facilitates research. The Content Management System (CMS) allows you to develop your own modules and interventions. Research data can simply be exported from the platform. Various universities and innovation centres have linked up to our Global Research Network.

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Relevant functionalities
  • CMS & Triggers

    CMS & Triggers

    Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to develop your own modules. Triggers are functionalities within the CMS. Based on the answers of a patient, a trigger automatically activates a specific follow-up step, e.g. a diary.

  • Dashboard


    The dashboard provides you with an overview per patient. The dashboard also allows you to see the progress in the modules, view diary graphs, check when the patient was last online and view your conversations.

  • Diaries


    Diaries are an effective tool to gain an insight into patterns and progress. A wide variety of diaries is available, so there is always a suitable one. Notifications remind patients to complete their diaries via the app.

  • Video sessions

    Video sessions

    Video sessions are remote conversations which give you the complete 'face to face' experience. Video sessions are fully integrated into Minddistrict. Start a conversation or make a video appointment in one click.

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