Benzodiazepines diary

This diary is meant for people who use benzodiazepines but who want to withdraw from it. The diary can be used for registration of medication use. These registrations can be seen in a graph, that shows the actual use of medication and the urge someone feels to use it. In addition, the diary helps people analysing the situations and thereby can provide insight into triggers. It is also possible to register what helped you to use less or to not use the benzodiazepines.

How can you use this diary?

This diary can be used by people who experience problems with benzodiazepines (benzos) and/or who want to withdraw from the medication.

Mobile first

This Benzo diary is perfect to use in the Minddistrict mobile app. It can however also be used on other devices and on the web platform. Care providers can configure the amount of notifications for this diary.