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Ehealth - how we see it

In short, ehealth is the use of digital means and communication technologies aimed at promoting health. That makes ehealth a broad term. What we at Minddistrict mean with ehealth is: digital technologies that empower people to master their own wellbeing.

Ehealth allows people to work on their journey to recovery in their own pace

Think of self-help, treatment modules, video sessions or group communication. Digital tools that help people at the exact moment they need it, in the way they want to. By using ehealth, people can be digitally supported towards recovery.

Technology is everywhere, and we use online tools continuously. Except in healthcare. That’s a missed opportunity!

Why ehealth?

Digitally enabled care can enrich the experiences and services of clients, professionals and health services. With ehealth, people carry their support literally in their pocket. Professionals have more possibilities to support people, for example between face to face sessions. Services and organisations can help more people and reach them more easily.

What is ehealth? And what does it mean to use it? This animation video answers these questions. The video is also used in 'welcome' modules for new clients using our ehealth platform.

Who is ehealth suitable for?

Everyone with access to a smartphone, tablet or computer can benefit from digitally enabled care.

What does ehealth look like?

Minddistrict is a secure, flexible and easy to use ehealth platform with a catalogue filled with modules, diaries, plans and more.

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5 reasons to choose digitally enabled care

  1. Always there - regardless of time and place
  2. Empowers people in their road to recovery
  3. Supporting people digitally from pre-care to aftercare
  4. Better efficiency in less time
  5. Helps to prepare your service for the future