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Personalisation: the future of digital healthcare

No two people are the same. Even if they have the same diagnosis, their road to behavioural change and recovery will be different. So why offer them the same treatment? Why assign interventions that work for a group of ‘average patients’?

We believe the future of healthcare lies in personalisation. It’s why we look beyond the average patient. Why we work towards personalising and validating the small steps people take on their route to recovery. Digital tools can support this journey.

Personal routes for behavioural interventions

A personal route to change: this has been our goal for years and is at the heart of our product.

Minddistrict makes it possible to adapt care to a person’s learning style, motivation, the nature of their symptoms and the seriousness of their complaints. How? Choose fitting elements from the platform, use them in a way that suits the patient, and combine them with face-to-face conversations. For effective hybrid care. Learn more in this video.

A bespoke digital therapeutic

Personalisation can work better. Let’s lower the pressure on professionals by automating what can be automated. And use short measurements to gather useful data, for example through EMA, that can guide and predict next steps.

We aim for bespoke digital therapeutics. We want to become like a GPS for patients and professionals, helping them to reach their goals by predicting routes, whilst they are firm in the driver’s seat. Want to know more? We’ve explained this vision in a whitepaper on digital therapeutics.

Validation and personalisation go hand in hand

For us, validation is all about understanding what works, for whom, under what circumstances, and potentially why. When we understand what works for a given patient, we will be able to do a better job at helping to personalise interventions.

We are happy we can cooperate with universities and some of the finest researchers in the field.

Barry Meesters, director partnerships

What you can do to personalise care

Ehealth tools

Create a personal route by using a variety of tools that suit your patient best and support your treatment plan.



Use questionnaires or ROM to measure symptoms, complaints or the success of treatment, and let them help determine next steps.



Choose from our catalogue of transdiagnostic interventions and customise them to your patient’s needs.


Are you missing a diary, action plan or module? You can create it yourself in the content management system.