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Our vision on behavioural change

Behavioural change is what Minddistrict is all about. We have been dedicated to helping people change their behaviour, emotions and thoughts for more than 15 years. And we are convinced that digital tools can significantly support behavioural change, if they are created the right way.

Let us show you how our vision and expertise shape our product.

Why use ehealth to support behavioural change? 

Changing the way you think and behave helps people to feel better or to actually get better. Whether that change has to do with work-life balance, managing diabetes or tackling anxiety.

Changing behaviour is difficult. A lot of our behaviour comes from habits we’ve had for years. Most people will need some help to break these patterns, for example from behavioural change techniques. By offering these techniques online, help is always available, wherever you are. Even at difficult times, when a care provider or therapist is far away.

What people need really varies a lot. It is precisely this diversity that you, as a care provider, can support well with ehealth.

Lotte van der Maas, Team lead intervention development

Online behavioural change at Minddistrict

Minddistrict helps to promote behavioural change using a combination of expertise and techniques, including:

    Intervention mapping

    Our modules are created by our team of specialist intervention developers, using their expertise to make persuasive interventions that can motivate users to make a change. The intervention mapping method is at the heart of this process, which also involves people who can draw upon their personal experiences of changing their behaviours. Read more about this method in our whitepaper on Intervention Mapping.

    Persuasive design and BCTs

    Minddistrict uses behavioural change techniques, or BCTs. These techniques have been proven to work and we implement them in our online platform. They are incorporated in a persuasive design, and each individual part is created in such a way as to have the greatest possible impact. Thus, form and substance go hand in hand.

    Research & validation

    We collaborate with research institutions and universities. They use our platform to conduct studies to test the effectiveness of behavioural change interventions, either by using existing modules or by developing their own. Through knowledge sharing of this research, we’re continuously working on strengthening the validation and evidence of ehealth.

    Read more about validation

    Data analysis

    How do professionals and patients use Minddistrict? Using anonymised data, our dedicated team of data scientists investigates exactly that. With this information, we can enhance the product and interventions to fit our user's needs. If you want to know more about our data team, contact us.

Personalisation: towards a truly personalised route to recovery

We believe that the best treatment is a personalised treatment. That's why we are working towards validated routes to recovery for every individual. A tailored approach, founded on technique and research, where both patient and professional are empowered to make informed choices. 

Want to know more about our vision on behavioural change? 

Let us show you some examples and answer your questions.