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For over 10 years, Minddistrict has been using the internet to help people change their behaviour and thinking

Experts in the field of behavioural change

We have been dedicated to effecting behavioural change through ehealth solutions for over 10 years. We have become experts at using online resources to help people change the way they act and think.

Why use online solutions for behavioural change?

Changing the way you think and behave helps people to feel better or to actually get better. Whether that change has to do with work-life balance, managing diabetes or tackling anxiety.

Change is difficult. We’ve been used to some of our behaviour for years.

Changing behaviour is difficult. A lot of our behaviour comes from habits we’ve had for years. Most people will need some help to break these patterns, for example from behavioural change techniques. By offering these techniques online, help is always available, wherever you are. Even at difficult times, when a care provider or therapist is far away.

Online behavioural change at Minddistrict

Minddistrict helps to promote behavioural change using a combination of expertise and techniques, including:

  • Intervention mapping;
  • Persuasive design and BCTs;
  • Research;
  • Data analysis.

Intervention mapping

Our modules are designed by a team of highly specialised intervention developers. They know exactly how to create persuasive, evidence-based interventions that will motivate you to make a change. Our own intervention mapping method is at the heart of our development process, which involves people who can draw on their personal experiences every step of the way. Read more about the method in our whitepaper on intervention mapping.

Cover of the intervention mapping white paper Cover of the intervention mapping white paper

Persuasive design and BCTs

Minddistrict uses behavioural change techniques, or BCTs. These techniques have been proven to work and we implement them in our online product. They are incorporated in a persuasive design, in which each individual part is designed in such a way as to have the greatest possible impact. Thus, form and substance go hand in hand.


We work together with a large number of universities and research institutes. They develop their own interventions for behavioural change, for example, or conduct research into the effectiveness of existing modules. We share knowledge in these collaborative efforts and learn from the findings of the researchers involved. In this way, we continually work on the further validation and evidence base of ehealth.

Data analysis

Using anonymised data, we look into the use of our product, asking: how do people use Minddistrict? With this information, we can enhance and tailor our platform, so it fits better to our users’ ehealth needs.

Illustration of a data analysis

These data analyses are always conducted anonymously, with a strong focus on privacy.

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