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Video sessions: face-to-face contact whilst saving time

The advantages are obvious - video sessions can provide face-to-face contact without travel time for the patient and therapist. All with just the push of a button. By conducting video sessions within the Minddistrict platform, the conversation will take place where people also have their diaries and modules handy, making the combination of online conversations and ehealth even more natural.

You don't have to replace every session with video to experience the benefits. You'll have the freedom to be more flexible and plan with each client what will be practical for them.

Illustration of video sessions

The benefits of video sessions

  • Safe: Minddistrict video sessions conform to the most stringent security requirements. Conversations are not recorded but are directly removed at the end of the session.
  • Mobile: Clients can also conduct a video session via the browser on their mobile phone or tablet device.
  • Location: As a care provider, you are also able to conduct the consultation from a different location, making you more flexible in your work time.

Video sessions fit in perfectly with personal routes to recovery - making it possible to have more frequent, shorter conversations, planned according to the needs of each client.

Two people are having a video session
'You're online, your client is online, 1 push of the button and you've got a secure connection.'
Somebody navigates through busy traffic in a car
'Sometimes 10 minutes is already enough. It's ridiculous for a patient to have to come all the way to my practice for that.'