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The mobile app is always at hand

Your patients can use Minddistrict through our mobile app. Of course. Because that's what makes digital health so accessible. But what can the app actually do and why? Read on to find out.

The right content and interventions

First of all, our app offers content. Diaries, including notifications. Questionnaires to fill out. Patients can watch animations that explain their diagnosis in a module, or show it to their next of kin. They can repeat an exercise they did with their therapist during the session. And what about self-help modules? The app contains all these content-options.

Flexible and secure communication

Next to content tools, the app offers secure communication. Combine chat messages, group chats or video calls with your online content and offline sessions. It's easy and safe: what happens in the app, stays within your Minddistrict platform.

Easy access at the right moment

As long as people have their phone with them, they have access to their health plan. That’s the benefit of an app for patients: it's always right there, to motivate, monitor or practice. Supporting every step on the route to recovery.