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Working on recovery, simply, on a mobile phone

The mobile app is always at hand

Conversations alone do not change behaviour and resolve issues, daily life does.

The Minddistrict mobile app enables your clients to find the right support at the right time in their daily lives. Wherever they are and during a time that suits them.

The easily accessible app encourages clients along their personal route to recovery, keeping them on track with their goals.

Discover how online solutions can help behavioural change.

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How do clients use the app?

  • Self-help catalogue

    The in-app catalogue enables clients to select the diaries or self-help training that appeal to them. This can be very convenient when you have to bridge waiting times, for example, but also as an extra boost during or after a period of treatment or support.

  • Module

    Clients follow modules in the app, chosen and prepared for them by their care providers. The new generation of modules is divided into small steps that are ideal for mobile use. They can always carry on where they left off, skip a step for now, or repeat it later.

    Follow a module in the ehealth app
  • Diary

    What happened today? How do you feel? Clients keep a record of this in a diary, at times that matter. This gives them and their care providers an insight into their progress. There are many different diaries that can be assigned to a client, depending on their needs.

    Diary in ehealth app
  • Group conversations

    In the app, clients can talk to whoever they want: their care providers or a loved one. They can talk about an exercise or a diary, for instance. As easy as normal messaging apps, but in the safe environment of Minddistrict.

    Secure messiging app Minddistrict
  • Video calling

    Schedule and make a video call in the Minddistrict app. Clients will receive a notification when they are being called. Therapists are also able to share their screen, and all calls take place via Minddistrict's secure video calling environment.

    Video calling feature