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Supporting the wellbeing of your students

Online self-help for university students

University can be a stressful time. Help to support your students' wellbeing by offering self-help modules using our digital platform and app.

Many students report feeling stressed and others might experience more serious mental health issues. Most universities offer some kind of support, but how can you cater for a large number of students in need of wellbeing support?

At Minddistrict, we understand that wellbeing also starts at prevention, and our digital solution can be the perfect way to cater to a student population.

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How can ehealth help your students?

Modules (both self-help or guided) and diaries are available in the Minddistrict catalogue and the platform includes a secure messaging functionality that also allows group messages. These tools can help students to feel supported whenever, wherever.

Our catalogue includes online content for mindfulness, stress, sleep problems and more. We’re also very excited to include a brand new, rumination-focused cognitive behavioural therapy called MindReSolve, a proven, evidence-based digital intervention for reducing worry, rumination, stress, anxiety and depression in young people. The module was created and successfully tested for its effectiveness among students by the University of Exeter. Find out more about the MindReSolve module.

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Most students are digital natives, therefore it makes sense to offer them a wellbeing tool in a format they are familiar with. The anonymity of digital makes it easier for students to work through self-help content online when they need it, without having the pressure of attending a face-to-face appointment. However, if your university has dedicated student counsellors, a blended model of care can be used, where students can see a counsellor "offline" whilst still working on their wellbeing in their own time online. Find out more about how ehealth can promote behavioural change.

Different journeys are possible according to your students' needs.

More information?

Do you want to empower your students to master their wellbeing? Get in touch with us to find out how our platform could benefit your university.

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