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Give every student a chance to feel good at university

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University can be a stressful time. Support student wellbeing with digital solutions.

Many students report feeling stressed and others might experience more serious mental health issues. Despite counselling and some support available at most universities, how else can universities cater for a large number of students in need of wellbeing support?

At Minddistrict we focus on the healthcare journey as a whole. Hence, wellbeing also starts at prevention. A digital solution can be the perfect way to cater to a student population.

Modules and diaries are available in the (self-help) catalogue as well as the Social Support Network which allows students to connect with peers or family members. These tools helps students to feel supported regardless of their geographical location or the time of the day.

Most students are digital-natives and it makes sense to offer them a wellbeing tool they are familiar with. The anonymity of digital makes it easier for students to reach out when they need it without having the pressure of attending a face-to-face appointment. However, if preferred, the student can choose a blended model of care where they can see a practitioner "offline" while still working on their wellbeing in their own time online.

Different journeys are possible according to your students' needs.

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Relevant functionalities
  • Diaries


    Diaries are an effective tool to gain an insight into patterns and progress. A wide variety of diaries is available, so there is always a suitable one. Notifications remind patients to complete their diaries via the app.

  • Modules


    Modules are developed in collaboration with experts and patients. They contain explanations, videos and illustrations, exercises and examples. The modules are subdivided into smaller sessions and can be personalised.

  • Social Support Network

    Social Support Network

    A patient can involve his or her social network during treatment or counselling. Patients can map out the network, share elements from the personal route or have a (group) discussion.

  • Training


    Patients with access to Minddistrict can select their own training programmes. These are modules with low-threshold self-help and prevention. A care provider can also prepare a training programme for a patient.

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