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Research: from questionnaire design to data export

Minddistrict supports renowned partners such as the University of Exeter, TU Dresden and AmsterdamUMC and has done so for years.

The platform is very popular among researchers because of its many possibilities. Minddistrict lets you design interactive content, has a large and secure communication toolbox, offers extensive data export possibilities and gives you access to the knowledge of a large network of other researchers.

A screenshot of the Minddistrict CMS in action Our CMS - many solutions can be dragged and dropped into any intervention.

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The possibilities of doing research with Minddistrict

A large number of universities in Europe and Canada use our research platform. Below, you'll find a list of possibilities at their disposal.

1. Develop your own interventions

The Minddistrict digital mental health research Content Management System (CMS) enables research institutions to develop their own interventions, diaries and motivation plans. With our CMS, you can build interactive and consumer-friendly interventions. The CMS is integrated in the Minddistrict ehealth research platform.

2. Editorial support

We tailor the support provided to your needs. Minddistrict's expert content team will train you in using the research CMS and platform. Optionally, our intervention developers can also help you create a modern digital intervention from your raw intervention material. Our team has years of experience and has developed over 200 modules.

3. Research platform

The Minddistrict research platform offers various portals optimised for therapists, patients and for the application manager and research analyst. You can support your intervention with questionnaires and diaries. The research platform includes services for secured messaging and video-conferencing for researchers, therapists and clients.

4. Research data export

The platform contains an analyst portal which allows any authorised analyst to create CSV exports. A CSV export contains all research data on all trial patients in a given period in CSV format, including questionnaire data. Optionally, we can deliver .JSON data exports and data loggings.

5. Implementation and dissemination

Minddistrict is a specialist in the field of ehealth implementation and dissemination. We can help you implement the platform in your research project and use our experience to disseminate your online interventions. We offer the possibility to include new interventions in our catalogue for dissemination to other healthcare institutions.

6. Research licence

We aim to make our research facilities readily available through our research licence. This is a special licence exclusively for research purposes, and therefore, the licence fee is greatly reduced.

For more information

Interested to see what mental health research has been conducted using the Minddistrict platform? Read about some of the projects undertaken by our research partners.

Are you looking for a digital partner for your research project? Feel free to contact us for a discussion.

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