Organise your ehealth interventions in such a way that they perfectly match your approach

The CMS: keep control of your ehealth content

Everyone has a unique vision of treatment or guidance. That is why we have developed our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).

In all our interventions, we work intensively with care providers and experiential experts. Every organisation has its own vision and methods: we want to link up with those as closely as possible.

Our qualitative content is ready to use, but it only becomes better with your own signature. Examples include an appealing welcome module or content that makes a module more applicable to your practice.

With our CMS, adding your own content is a piece of cake.

What is a Content Management System What exactly is a Content Management System? A CMS is a user-friendly system that lets you build and save different types of content. If you have media, exercises or other content that perfectly fit into a module, they can be added with a simple mouse-click.

What situations require a CMS?

Imagine, you work in rehabilitation care and you have a personal set of questions you ask your patients to respond to on a regular basis. In that instance, a diary is the perfect tool. The CMS makes it very easy to create a diary for these specific registrations.

Another example: you are a therapist who provides mental healthcare. According to you, the available depression module does not contain enough Mindfulness elements. You can complement the module with content that is entirely in keeping with your approach. With the words that are important to you and the media that fit best.

Or control everything yourself

For example, create your own welcome module, with an introduction video and interactive elements.

Your own module

  • your questionnaire
  • your video
  • your re-usable pages
  • the exercise you are working on now
  • submission moment
  • goal achieved

With triggers, your client progresses faster

Triggers for progress The triggers function makes it possible to allow a client to progress to new content or not on the basis of a number of conditions. As a result, the client experiences much more self-reliance within the ehealth platform. He or she is no longer dependent on the professional's green light and can make progress himself.

If you want to reuse a page in the future, you can. Our re-usable pages allow you to save it and simply redeploy it later.

With the CMS, you remain in charge

The CMS gives you control over everything that matters to you. This at the same time makes the function very suitable for more complex health issues.

The benefits of the CMS:

  • ehealth perfectly fits your approach
  • CMS offers flexibility with a view to the future
  • prevent a repetition of steps

Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us!