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Take control of your ehealth content with the CMS

Every care provider has their own vision of treatment or guidance. Our digital health platform can fit into that vision. But sometimes you may want the added benefit of being able to create your own content that’s truly bespoke to your service.

That’s where our Content Management System (CMS) comes in.

What is the CMS? Build your own content!

Our CMS is a user-friendly system that allows you to create different types of therapeutic tools to use with your patients. Whether we’re talking of a treatment module, a diary or a questionnaire.

You can create different types of content, including multimedia or text elements, to build interventions that support your patients. Is there a specific type of treatment you want to offer that we don’t cater for? Or do you want to adapt an existing module to make it applicable to your patients' needs? It’s possible with the CMS.

What situations require a CMS?

Imagine, you work in rehabilitation and your organisation has its own set of questions for patients, for monitoring purposes. A diary can be the perfect tool. The CMS offers you the options to easily create a diary for the specific registrations.

You are a psychologist in mental healthcare. The existing depression module does not contain enough mindfulness-components to support your treatment plan. You can add new exercises and more information to the module that completely cater to your needs. In the words you want to use, containing imagery and videos that fit best.

You want to use the Minddistrict platform, but there aren't modules available in the language you need. With the CMS you can create modules in the language of your liking, possibly using our existing interventions as inspiration.

How does the CMS work?

If you’re interested in creating your own content, Minddistrict offers an e-learning to show you how you can best use the CMS. Don’t worry, it’s user-friendly and intuitive. As long as you have a plan of what you want to create, the CMS can support that.

Let us give you a brief overview:

Choose the type of content you want to create

You can work with different content types: diaries, questionnaires, self-help or guided modules, consisting of multiple chapters and pages.

Let the creation begin!

Add an exercise with checkboxes. Upload an image or a video. Add text and change formatting or content type. Really, what you imagine, you can create. The CMS couldn’t make it easier. You can use drag-and-drop to easily move sections around.

Publish the content

Once you've reviewed your new content and are happy with it, it is time to publish. Congratulations, your intervention is live! It's ready to assign to patients. ​

You can even allow other organisations to use your intervention as well. We can release the intervention to their platform, too, supporting even more patients.

Validating your own content

The CMS isn’t just useful for creating something new. You can also use it for digitising content for research purposes. Develop an online intervention to use with participants in clinical studies or trials.

Personalisation with the CMS

As you might know, we believe in personalised routes to recovery.

Whether you’re creating a bespoke welcome module or adjust elements of an existing module to make it more fitting: we’d love to support you with your personalisation goals.