We can tell you all about Minddistrict, but we feel you need to experience it

  • We'd love to show you our platform

We'd love to show you our platform

Telling you about Minddistrict’s content, functionalities and possibilities is one thing, but what makes us stand out most is ease of use. Which is why we’d love you to experience the platform. What does a client experience? How can you guide a client through a personal route? How can you create your own content?

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With satisfied customers from London, England, to Boston, Massachusetts, to Palo Alto, California, we're confident that seeing our platform in action will convince you of its quality.

Contact us and ask for a demonstration!

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Interventions from CBT to app
See how we translated interventions from CBT to our mobile app
Easy to use content management system
Explore the easy to use content management system
Secure messaging feature
Discover the secure (group) messaging feature