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Minddistrict certified for ORCHA digital health library

The Minddistrict app is now included in ORCHA's digital health app library, with a review score of 81%.

February 2023 update - After our initial 2022 assessment, the latest versions of our app have now been reassessed by ORCHA. We're happy to have retained our score of 81% for our iOS app (v3.43.0) and now have an increased score of 81% for Android (v3.39.1). This latest assessment also saw us receive a Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF) score of 70%.

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We are pleased to announce that Minddistrict has been certified by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) for inclusion in their library of digital health providers.

Following a comprehensive review, the Minddistrict web app (v22.0.5) was given a review score of 81%, with the Android app (v3.32.0) receiving a score of 80%, both exceeding the 65% threshold required by ORCHA for inclusion in their library.

As part of the assessment to see how apps comply with relevant regulation and follow best practice, three main areas were examined: data privacy, professional assurance and usability/accessibility.

ORCHA’s assessment involves a detailed analysis looking across all of the key areas of regulation and compliance. The standards used in the assessment are drawn from sources such as the CQC regulations, GDPR guidelines and the NICE evidence standards framework.

ORCHA is one of the leading independent providers of health and care app evaluations and reviews, providing digital health libraries with over 9,000 assessed products to help inform healthcare professionals when choosing a digital health solution. In the UK, ORCHA provides services to NHS England, Health Education England, NHSE/I, CQC, NICE and NHS providers in 70% of regions.

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If you’re interested to know more about how Minddistrict can help mental health care organisations to deliver care digitally, please get in touch with any questions.

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