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Will we see you at one of the digital health events and conferences in 2024?

The trees are getting green again and that can only mean one thing: the conference season is in full swing! We are of course taking part in it. You'll find us at the ICT&Health World Conference, at the Kongress für Gesundheitsnetzwerker, and Data Driven Healthcare. In this blog we'll keep you up to date. Will we meet you this season?

Deutscher Psychotherapie Kongress, 11-15 June

Dr. Stella Fangauf will speak at this conference on behalf of Minddistrict. More information will follow

Data Driven Healthcare, 13 June

Are you interested in healthcare and data? Then Data Driven Healthcare may the place to be for you. Data and AI are increasingly important in healthcare, playing a role in digital healthcare and data integrations.

Our Dutch team will be present at Data Driven Healthcare, on the 13th of June. You can get inspired about value based care and what data points to value. Or get informed on the availability of medical data, on cooperation, network care and integrations.

Do you want to visit Data Driven Healthcare yourself? You can book your ticket here with a 20% discount! (only useful if you understand Dutch).

ICT&Health World Conference, 14-16 May

From Tuesday 14 May to Thursday 16 May, the Mecc in Maastricht is the place to be: that's where the ICT&Health World Conference will take place. Attend presentations on the latest technologies and applications in healthcare and meet healthcare professionals, researchers, directors and IT experts from all over Europe (and beyond).

We will be there and have a place in the programme. Will you join us at the Expo?

Presentation: a European triology

Manuele Schuetze, business director in Germany, and Daniëlle Revers, director in the Netherlands, bring all their lessons learned together in this presentation. It's called ‘A European Trilogy: the fellowship of digital mental healthcare’.

The triology we're mentioning is Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands: the three countries where Minddistrict is currently in full use. The triology might border each other yet they are very different in terms of healthcare system, funding and culture. Or are they?

Daniëlle and Manu will take you through the comparison: what are driving and limiting bills in the countries? How do they differ from each other? What lessons from the different countries can we take back across the border? Because the advantage of a triology, and of different experiences, is that you can share them with others. In fellowship, so to speak.

So... doesn't this all sound a bit too Lord of the Rings-like? It does, and that's exactly the way we like it, because a good metaphor will get you a long way. Are you curious about the fellowship of digital care? You have missed the session, but you do not have to miss out on the message: get in touch and we'll tell you about it. We're also preparing a blog article on the topic, so stay tuned.

Kongress für Gesundheitsnetzwerker, 14-15 May

May is a popular month, because we're also attending the Kongress für Gesundheitsnetzwerker in Berlin. Come and say hello at our stand! This is also a great opportunity to meet our new colleague for business development Joachim Kühl in person. We're happy to show you what we're working on or have you try out the latest feature. But of course, we're also hosting a speaking slot.

Dr. Manuela Schuetze, business director at Minddistrict DACH, will be interviewing 2 of our partner-clinics who are using the ehealthplatform. The title of this session is 'Best-practice Beispeile einer digital unterstützten Versorgung in Deutschland'. Dr. Julia Mühleck, psychologist at the Asklepios Fachklinikum in Stadtroda will join and share her first-hand treatment experiences. Dr. Jessical Helen Huss, who is project leader ehealth at the Asklepios Fachklinikum Teupitz, will share her experiences with implementing a hybrid treatment solution from an organisational perspective.

Missed the session? Get in touch to hear the highlights directly from the horse's mouth.

The season isn't over yet!

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