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Welcome module

With the Welcome module you can inform clients, get them acquainted with online care and give them a warm welcome

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In short

  • Adults, youth
  • Module, questionnaire, self-help
  • Suitable for the app

What is the Welcome module about?

Minddistrict has developed a standard welcome module, a blueprint, that can be personalised for each care provider.

With a welcome module, it is possible to inform the client about the route that is waiting for them. This will give them a better picture of the process that they are going to go through.

A welcome module is also a way to make people acquainted with online care. In addition, it is a way to bridge waiting time. People can already start with the intake and take their first step to behavioural change, without starting the actual treatment.

Illustration of a person being welcomed through a door Illustration from the welcome module

For whom is the blueprint of the welcome module suitable?

The blueprint has been developed for organisations who want to offer their clients a welcome module. A distinction has been made between a welcome module for more severe problems and a welcome module for less severe complaints.

After the blueprint has been adjusted to the personal preferences of the organisation, the welcome module is ready to use. The module is 'mobile first' and can be used entirely within the app, as well as on the web platform.

What is the welcome module based on?

The welcome module is developed by Minddistrict. The content of the module has been created through an extensive development process and is based on the relevant literature as well as the knowledge and experience of caregivers and experience experts. The module was developed by Intervention Developers Ilona Hartog, Renske Gommer, Ida van Berkum and Jacqueline Stam.

Illustration showing step by step education The welcome module introduces people step by step

How can I use the welcome module?

The module cannot be found in the Minddistrict catalogue by default, because it needs to be adjusted to your own organisation first. If you want to make use of it, please contact your account manager or contact us here.

What does the welcome module look like?

The module consists of six elements that are partly filled with content from Minddistrict and partly with content from the organisation. The module offers many choices for clients and includes new illustrations and videos. The order of the elements and content of the pages can be adjusted for each organisation.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Do you have feedback on the module? Let us know. If you want to use the welcome module in your own service, please get in touch.

Get in touch with us!

Are you interested in using this intervention in your work as a care provider? Or do you want more information? Please get in touch with your account manager or contact us.