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Youth basic care: parenting tips

Parenting seems like it should be one of the easiest things in the world. There's no training or how-to guide involved, but parents are expected to just know how to do it. But, it isn’t always easy. How do parents make sure that that their children are happy, and that their family can all be happy together? This online module provides guidelines that can help your clients who are parents or guardians to raise their children and work towards a more pleasant family situation.

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In short

  • Adults, youth
  • Module
  • Suitable for the app

Who is this module for?

This module was developed for parents/guardians who have questions about child raising, who have encountered difficulties in raising children, or who would like extra tips and tricks about parenting. The purpose of the module is to provide information and to develop/practise parenting and child raising skills and offer guidance for parents on how to raise children.

What’s the content of this module?

This module discusses several topics, such as showing children love and the right way to do it, and communicating with the child - including the concept of ‘mentalisation’. The module will also deal with making rules, as well as punishment, rewards and ignoring behaviour. It will also pay special attention to dealing with your child’s ‘digital’ behaviour and the role of the parent/guardian, as well as how you can learn to care for yourself while raising children.

How can this module be used?

This personal route module is ‘mobile first’ and can be completed entirely in the app or on a desktop. The module can be used by general or specialist mental health care practitioners and assistant practitioners, either with or without feedback from an aid worker. If you choose to use the module without additional guidance, the submission moments will automatically serve as moments for reflection. Dealing with certain issues online will offer more time for in-depth discussion during face-to-face sessions.

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