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Self-help: Build your self-esteem

Promote helpful behaviour to increase confidence

Promote helpful behaviour that can lead clients to feel more positive and confident

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In short

  • Adults
  • Self-help
  • Suitable for the app

What is ‘Build your self-esteem’ about?

Many psychological and somatic complaints are related to low self-esteem and a negative self-image. With this short self-help module, people can take the first steps that can contribute towards developing a more realistic self-image. Firstly, the client reads psycho-education on the causes and perpetuating factors of a negative self-image. They examine their own self-image and consider an imaginary friend's perspective on it. Then, the client reads tips to help develop a more positive focus and practises with positive visualisation. Finally, they reflect on what they have learnt throughout the short self-help module.

The exercises can enable clients to identify their thoughts, acknowledge the facts and form alternative perceptions to act upon. This can help to promote more helpful behaviour that can lead clients to feel more positive and confident.

For whom is this module suitable?

This module is suitable for all who wish to start working on their self-esteem at their own pace and without guidance.

Which diary is part of ‘Build your self-esteem’?

The ‘positive diary’ is automatically activated during the self-help module. In this diary, one can write about moments that made them feel proud, happy or satisfied. By describing it all in detail, a more positive focus can be developed.

What is the module based on?

The content of the module has been put together during an extensive development process and is based on relevant literature as well as the knowledge and experience of practitioners and patients.

How can you use this module?

People can find this module in the self-help catalogue in the Minddistrict app. They can choose to follow this self-help module themselves. The module can also be activated by a therapist under the ‘personal route’ tab. However, keep in mind that this module does not contain the Minimum Data Set.

Mobile first

This self-help module is developed as a personal route, and therefore perfect to use in the Minddistrict mobile app. This means that people have self-help in their back pocket, they can continue with the module where they left off and can select their favourite elements. The module however can also be used on other devices and on the web platform.

Your feedback is welcome!

Do you want this module to be activated on your online platform? Then please contact your Minddistrict account manager.

We are eager to hear your opinion on the self-help module. If you have any feedback, questions or tips, please send them to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Are you interested in using this intervention in your work as a care provider? Or do you want more information? Please get in touch with your account manager or contact us.