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5 questions for Compliance Officer Cristina

"Compliance tends to be not black and white at all"

Cristina Rosu is Compliance Officer at Minddistrict. Compliance is about adhering to relevant laws and regulations. "It means that we ensure we're doing all the things we need to do, to make sure that the people that are using the product are protected. That's what it comes down to." In this video and short blog, she talks in clear terms about compliance and what she enjoys about her job.

Privacy regulation such as GDPR, compliance with DTAC and ISO, the Medical Device Regulation - this is the field in which Cristina feels at home. "The rules are there to protect people, to ensure our users are safe. That's an important task and I really like being able to do it."

People might think that rules and regulations are fairly black and white. "But, there actually is a lot of grey area. It's the space between what a regulation says and how an actual company operates. It's figuring out what applies for a specific case for a specific customer or activity. And that tends to be not black and white at all."

Why do you work at Minddistrict?

"I started at Minddistrict because I was really interested in privacy. One of the things I did that was pretty fascinating was looking at the GDPR in the context of how it's applied in the different jurisdictions we work in. The regulatory cultures can be very different. Germany, for example, tends to be more strict. And that leads to interesting differences between the countries, while dealing with basically the same laws."

Along the way, Cristina became more interested in the regulatory issues surrounding healthcare. "I love being in that area, seeing how it's evolving, also influenced by innovations in healthcare." Yet the regulations alone are not the only thing that keep her motivated. "It also helps that I have amazing colleagues", she smiles.

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