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Cyber attacks: tips to protect yourself online

The latest global cyber attack “WannaCry” has affected a considerable number of people in the UK. NHS Trusts, hospitals and practices have had to face the consequences on the frontline. Brave staff had to work out how to care for patients in those tense moments and patients were fearing for their health, safety and security. However, was this attack preventable?

At Minddistrict, we pride ourselves in delivering a secure product. However, this is a collaboration - organisations and individuals also have to make sure that they are taking the appropriate precautions to stay safe online.

We asked one of our in-house engineers, Sil Westerveld for reliable answers about online security.

Sil Westerveld

Sil Westerveld

Stay safe online with the following tips:

1) Keep your systems up-to-date

This is the only thing people could have done to prevent an attack like this. Whenever there are system updates (often with security updates), install them immediately. Or even better: make sure these updates will be installed automatically.

2) Always make sure you have backups

Preferably offline (for instance on an external disk), or else on a totally different system somewhere on a different network. In case you'll be ransomed, you don't need to pay, because you can simply reinstall your system and put your files back in place from your backup.

3) If you're ransomed, never pay the ransom!

The only exception to that rule is if it’s a matter of life or death ( when there's immediate risk for someone dying for that reason).

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