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Prof. Dr. Heleen Riper Interview 3/3 The future of ehealth


Heleen Riper is a professor and researcher in e-mental health at the VU University of Amsterdam and at the University of Denmark. She's also involved in ehealth research at the Leuphana University in Germany. Heleen is considered to be one of the pioneers of ehealth in the Netherlands. If you are keen to know more about Heleen’s research, take a look at some of her publications. Also, see part 1 and part 2 of the interview series with Heleen Riper, where Heleen talks about the evidence and the effectiveness of ehealth.

Heleen Riper on the future of ehealth

In part 3 (out of 3), Heleen talks about the future of ehealth. She believes that the future of online therapy will focus on blended care, a combination of face-to-face therapy sessions and online support. Watch the video below:

The future of ehealth is seamless

Indeed, there are many advantages with a blended care model:
  • Treatment can be expanded outside of the therapy room
  • Clients have more insight and control over their treatment
  • Treatment can be personalised to each patient's need
  • Overall costs can be reduced
  • Less time spent on administrative tasks. More time for the patient!
Minddistrict offers a seamless treatment platform, where the aim is to provide care that seamlessly complements the daily life of the patient. It introduces a more productive and effective way of delivering blended care by combining face-to-face sessions, video sessions, instant messaging and online interventions; all available in one place. Therapists can better guide the process of behavioural and cognitive change as they can easily monitor patients progress. At the same time, patients can feel more in control as they are able to access treatment from any tablet, computer or smartphone. As a result, patients can feel supported throughout the whole treatment journey!

the future of ehealth is seamless

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