Musculoskeletal disorders and mood

What is this module about?

The purpose of the module is to improve the mood of those living with a long-term condition, in this case musculoskeletal disorders. It entails all the aspects relevant for treating mood symptoms: psycho-education, behavioural activation, thinking styles, offering tools and relapse prevention.

In every chapter, the user receives information, listens to and watches caregivers' and peer leaders' stories and fills in exercises. When the module is finished, they have the theoretical and practical knowledge on how to deal with their mood issues. The user will also have made a self-care plan and worked on skills that can aid with improved well-being, like mindfulness, anger management, healthy lifestyle skills and communication skills.

For whom is this module suitable?

This module is suitable for adults with a musculoskeletal disorder and mood symptoms. It is suitable for use in different kinds of care, including via EAPs, NHS services, social enterprises and universities.

Mobile first

This self-help module is developed as a personal route, and therefore perfect to use in the Minddistrict mobile app. This means that people have self-help in their back pocket, they can continue with the module where they left of and can select their favourite elements. The module can also be used on other devices and on the web platform.