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"STEPPS-EI provides great potential to digitally support people who experience emotional intensity"

Digitised STEPPS-EI intervention delivers positive outcomes

Minddistrict is delighted to announce the launch of a digitised version of the STEPPS-EI intervention, developed in partnership with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT).

STEPPS-EI (Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving for Emotional Intensity) is the Primary Care version of STEPPS. Originally a paper-based, face-to-face group intervention, it is aimed at people who experience difficulties managing intense emotions who are under the diagnostic threshold for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Following feedback from service users, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust digitised the STEPPS-EI intervention using the Minddistrict platform’s content management system (CMS).

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Improved scores

In 2021, delivery of the digitised version of STEPPS-EI commenced in primary care services in Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. An evaluation of the digitised version by SPFT and the University of Sussex (Drews-Windeck et al, 2022) found increased recruitment, retention and attendance rates (compared to the paper-based version – Barber et al 2021), improved quality of life scores (measured via the ReQoL) and a reduction in symptoms (measured via the BSL-23), providing preliminary evidence that digital STEPPS-EI is clinically helpful.

As part of the evaluation, participants found that Zoom (for the group sessions) and the Minddistrict platform were both usable, and feedback was positive. Feedback from facilitators during the study was also generally positive.

"The results of the study have been very positive"

Eva Papadopoulou, Clinical Director at Minddistrict, has worked closely with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust during this process: “It has been a pleasure being part of STEPPS-EI project in collaboration with SPFT and University of Sussex the last two years. The results of the study and the project has been very positive and STEPPS-EI provides a great potential to digitally support people who experience emotional intensity across the country.”

This study is a great example of how a typically paper-based or in-person treatment can be digitised to give patients and services more choice in options for care. For more detailed information about the study and intervention, please see the links below.

Further reading

If you’re a mental health provider interested to find out more about the STEPPS-EI online intervention and how you could use it with your patients, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you a demonstration of the platform and answer any questions you may have.

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