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First steps for ehealth in Hungary


Hungarian Research institution Yewlake partners up with Minddistrict

Minddistrict has joined forces with innovative Hungarian research institution Yewlake. Together they are developing a module that will be used in Hungary to prevent burnout among teachers.

As part of this agreement, Yewlake will become a partner within Minddistrict’s Global Research Network. The Global Research Network is an international partnership of universities and other research institutions. Within the network, knowledge and expertise are shared with the aim of making interventions and the development of online modules more effective.

Hungarian burnout prevention programme

Yewlake will undertake research using the Minddistrict platform. The burn-out prevention programme was developed by the German GET.ON Institute (part of Leuphana University). Research shows that the program is effective and contributes to a reduction in complaints of burnout. The module is translated and developed by Yewlake so that it is appropriate for the Hungarian market.

Yewlake is active in the prevention and employers market. The agency previously offered and explored face-to-face support to prevent burnout. With this new research, this support will also take place online. According to Yewlake they are the first party in Hungary to use ehealth in this way.

Further roll-out ehealth in Hungary

The Hungarian research program has already been launched, and by partnering up with Yewlake, Minddistrict has taken its very first step in Hungary. Collaboration also allows Hungarian experience with ehealth to develop: the Minddistrict platform, as part of the investigation, will be made available in Hungarian. During the collaboration, researchers will also examine to what extent ehealth can be rolled out further in Hungary.

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Research opportunities

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In addition to research opportunities, Minddistrict also offers a complete catalogue of modules for various care circuits, for instance precare, aftercare, IAPT services and step 3 care. Examples of these modules are Mindfulness, OCD, work stress and GAD. Online therapy is becoming more and more accessible, as a supplement to face-to-face contact.

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