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Jeanette Ploeger new CEO of Minddistrict

Jeanette Ploeger will succeed Mark Willems as CEO of ehealth provider Minddistrict on 1st January 2021. Ploeger will work towards a future-proof Minddistrict: "People deserve better access to healthcare."

Picture of Jeannette Ploeger, the new CEO

Current CEO Mark Willems is confident that Jeanette can take the product and the company to a higher level. "I don't think there are people who know the healthcare market, its developments and Minddistrict as well as Jeanette." says Mark Willems. "In addition, her enthusiasm is contagious."

Jeanette: “This is a new step for me, but I believe healthcare is also ready for the next step. That is, giving more people access to better healthcare with the help of digital means. This current crisis is the time to aim for sustainable change. Access to care simply has to improve, in the UK but also in the Netherlands. I believe that if we trust each other and work closely with partners, we can achieve that. Minddistrict has the product and the people to support this change. I’m looking forward to working on partnerships with our UK team.”

Jeanette Ploeger has been part of Minddistrict from day one and has been integral to the development of the organisation. Minddistrict has grown from start-up to scale-up, expanding from the Netherlands to the UK and Germany, and was taken over by German healthcare chain Asklepios Kliniken two years ago. In recent years, Ploeger has fulfilled the role of Chief Business Officer and is a specialist in interoperability.