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Minddistrict presents mobile intervention at Health 2.0


From the 10th to the 12th of May, Health 2.0 Europe will take place in Barcelona. More than 120 international speakers will share their innovative ideas on the future of European healthcare. Mark Willems, founder and CEO of Minddistrict, is one of these speakers and will demonstrate Minddistrict’s new generation of mobile interventions.

Health 2.0 – Innovating healthcare in Europe

Health 2.0 finds its origin in San Francisco and is known worldwide for its leading role in programming talks and conferences on innovation in healthcare. This year, Health 2.0 Barcelona brings together more than 120 international speakers and 600 attendees. They will discuss themes such as digital behaviour change, the future of wearables and empowerment of patients online.

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Innovation in European healthcare

Minddistrict believes it’s important to share knowledge. Thus, Mark Willems will do exactly that at Health 2.0. He will share knowledge and findings with European partners on the use of mobile devices, user experience and online navigation in the field of mental health care.

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Minddistrict is developing a new generation of interventions. A multidisciplinary team, consisting of psychologists, mobile developers and designers, has brought together a number of key features from the Minddistrict platform in one intervention. The evidence-base is our point of departure in developing new methods in behaviour change: psycho-education, exercise, a diary and patient-therapist conversations. In his presentation, Willems will show what the future in interventions will look like. Both therapist and patient will be able to use interventions on their mobile phones.

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