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Join us, November 7th at 13.00

Webinar: Discover the future of mental healthcare and AI

Were you there, or did you miss it, this webinar on the possibilities of AI in mental health care? Tuesday the 7th of November 2023, Chief Data Officer Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud gave a guided tour through current developments, opportunities and directions in AI for mental health. Now, the recording is here for you watch (again).

If you follow the news at all, it would have been hard to escape all of the stories on artificial intelligence, machine learning, complicated language models, chatbots and the like. Reports vary from heavily enthusiastic to doomsday scenarios.

Healthcare news items too often report on ChatGPT, AI platforms and even robots. And they receive the same reactions, from promising to worrying. Out of reach yet? Yes, but developments are happening faster than you think.

So.. a webinar

At Minddistrict, we're also pondering how to leverage these new technologies on our own platform and in our app. And because we can imagine you might be curious, you might want to know how and what we think, we are organising this webinar.

In the webinar ‘Discover the future of healthcare and AI’ we'll discuss which of the technological applications we might potentially integrate in our platform. We deliberately say ‘might’, because we're still in the process of exploring the possibilities. In this session, we'll share insights and principles with you.

Watch the recording

About the speaker

Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud is at the helm of Minddistrict's data strategy. As an engineer who has built applications in various sectors such as aerospace, maritime, and advertising, he has always sought ways to use data and technology for practical solutions that help people. He has pursued this passion at Minddistrict for the past five years, where he has developed a long-term vision for data in mental healthcare.

What was covered?

AI in diagnostics and prevention

We'll dive into the world of AI-driven algorithms and their role in improving mental healthcare. How can they assist professionals and relieve their caseload? Can AI help during the diagnostic process, by offering informed suggestions, or by summarising information? And perhaps they can help personalise treatment plans, e.g. based on lifestyle choices.

Privacy, regulation and ethics

How do you ensure patient data remains secure? What ethical issues loom when AI is applied in healthcare? These are key discussion topics. We will explore how to keep innovating safely within applicable regulations.

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