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Managing type 2 diabetes

Lifestyle changes for those living with type 2 diabetes

Lifestyle change module for people with type 2 diabetes

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In short

  • Adults
  • Module, self-help
  • Suitable for the app

What is the module 'Managing type 2 diabetes' about?

This module is for people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Users will be supported to make positive lifestyle changes that will impact their health in the long term. After all, type 2 diabetes can be reversed and managed by making healthier choices with food and exercise.

Illustration of food

How can you use this module?

The module lets users assess their current reality and their long-term goal. It will help them create steps to change by weighing up the pros and cons of changing. Knowing why they want to change motivates them to actually make the change. All this is done in an interactive manner with diaries, videos, graphics and users can listen to peer leaders.

This module has recently been updated with an improved integration of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) which is easier to use for both the client and therapist.

For whom is this module suitable?

This module is aimed at adults who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It is suitable for use in different kinds of care pathways including via EAPs, mental health services, social enterprises and universities.

Mobile first

This self-help module is developed as a personal route, and therefore perfect to use in the Minddistrict mobile app. This means that people have self-help in their back pocket, they can continue with the module where they left off and can select their favourite elements. The module can also be used on other devices and on the web platform.

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