Mapping out your problem

For whom is this module suitable?

The module ‘Mapping out your problem’ is an intervention intended for patients with mild to moderately severe psychological problems. The module aims to support the patient in gaining a clearer understanding of their mental health issue and to provide insight into the patient’s coping style and problem-solving capabilities. The module also helps to boost motivation towards behavioural change and helps to determine the focus and follow-up steps for treatment.

Initially, it was developed for patients who are at the start of their (online) treatment. However, the module is also suitable for patients who wish to gain more clarity during treatment. Minddistrict developed both a generic and an IAPT version of the module. Read more about the IAPT-version below.

What is the content of the module?

The module was developed in close collaboration with an expert panel of practitioners and patients. It consists of the following three sessions:

  1. What’s causing you concern? During the first session, the patient examines which problems they are experiencing. The patient gains insight into their symptoms on a physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioural level.
  2. How do you cope with problems? During the second session, the patient examines what their coping style is, and which strong traits they can use to handle problems in a different way.
  3. Where are you headed? During the final session, the patient works on increasing their motivation towards (behavioural and cognitive) change by setting goals and formulating specific steps which they wish to take in the course of treatment.

Which diaries work well with this module?

The module can be combined with all generic diaries or with diaries that fit the goal of the client.

How do you use the module?

We recommend implementing ‘Mapping out your problem’ at the beginning of a treatment. That way, both the practitioner and patient can gain relevant insights regarding problems, symptoms, coping styles, strengths and goals before starting a specific treatment. The sessions are marked as guided, which means the practitioner provides online feedback after each session. However, as a practitioner you can choose to offer one, more or all sessions without guidance. This allows the patient to work through the module independently. The module is flexible in use: you can tailor it to your patient’s individual needs. For instance, by removing the session on coping styles and strengths if you plan on discussing this in depth in a face-to-face session. In general, the module can be used alongside face-to-face sessions as a way of continuing treatment outside of the therapy room. The answers patients give to the online exercises will enable you to prepare more specifically for future face-to-face sessions.

IAPT module

In the IAPT version of this module ‘Mapping out your problem’, the Minimum Data Set is interwoven throughout the module and the final session consists of a patient experience questionnaire.

Your feedback is welcome!

Minddistrict is eager to hear your opinion on this module. If you have any feedback, questions or tips, please send them to We look forward to hearing from you!