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Neurological conditions and mood

The module ‘Neurological conditions and mood' for adults with neurological issues and mood symptoms.

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In short

  • Adults
  • Module, self-help
  • Suitable for the app

What is the module about?

The purpose of this module is to contribute to the improvement of the mood of patients with long-term conditions, in this case, neurological conditions. It entails aspects relevant for treating mood symptoms: psycho-education, behavioural activation, challenging negative thinking and relapse prevention. There is also attention for acceptance of long-term conditions.

In every session the user receives information, listens and watches to caregivers’ and peer leaders’ stories and fills in exercises. Different multimedia is used including text, audio, video and illustrations. In exercises, the patient practices with taking more initiative in dealing with difficult situations.

What is the module based on?

The content of the module is created by an extensive developmental process and based on relevant literature, knowledge and experience of caregivers and users. It’s based on cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.

For whom is this module suitable?

This module is suitable for adults who have a neurological condition and mood symptoms. It is suitable for use in different kinds of care, including via EAPs, mental health services, social enterprises and universities.

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