Motivate your clients to break the vicious cycle of anxiety

Aim of the module

  • To support patients that have a phobia;
  • To motivate patients to break the vicious cycle of anxiety;
  • To guide patients in conquering their anxiety through graded exposure exercises;
  • To prevent relapse.

For whom is this module suitable?

The module is suitable for patients who have a specific / simple phobia. The sessions are written in a generic manner, offering examples of many different phobias (e.g., animal phobias, environmental phobias, bodily phobias, situational phobias). Minddistrict developed both a generic and an IAPT version of the module. In the IAPT version the Minimum Data Set is interwoven throughout the module and the final session consists of a patient experience questionnaire.

Exercise in the Phobia module Example of an exercise in ‘Phobia’

What is the content of the module 'Phobia'?

The module has a CBT based approach. It consists of 6 guided sessions and 1 unguided 'Welcome' session. However, the session ‘Phobia: Your next exposure exercise’ was developed in such a manner that it can be added to the module as many times as you and the patient see fit. In this module, the patient reads information, considers examples and watches video clips in which patients share their story. More difficult concepts and exercises are often explained in a doodle animation or video clip of a therapist. Relevant topics are discussed in each session. For example: the difference between fear and a phobia and considering how the phobia has affected the patient. The patient creates a fear hierarchy and learns to face their fears through graded exposure. At the end of the module, the patient has learned practical skills to cope with their phobia.

Which diaries are part of this module?

The 'Phobia' diary is part of the module. In this diary, the patient monitors situations in which they experience anxiety. The patient answers a number of questions regarding the situation, level of anxiety, thoughts, behaviour and short- and long-term effect of their behaviour.

Example of animation video in Phobia module Shot from the doodle animation video on the theory behind graded exposure

What is the module based on?

The module is based on the knowledge and experience of an expert panel of therapists and patients as well as relevant literature. The Minddistrict team familiarises itself with cutting-edge research and the most recent evidence-based practices. The module is IAPT step-2 and NICE compliant.

How do you use the module?

The module can be used for blended therapy, meaning f2f sessions are alternated with online sessions. The patient can access the treatment platform in his own time on any device, e.g. PC, laptop, tablet or phone. You, as the therapist, can monitor the patient’s progress through the sessions and diary entries and provide feedback once your patient has completed a session. The module is flexible in use. As a therapist, you can tailor the module to your patient’s individual needs: for instance, by making a session unguided or adding or removing (optional) sessions.

Are you interested in the module 'Phobia'?

Do you want this module to be activated on your online platform? Then please contact your Minddistrict account manager.

Your feedback is welcome!

Minddistrict is eager to hear your opinion on the ‘Phobia module. If you have any feedback, questions or tips, please send them to We look forward to hearing from you!